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justin should make an album with all the unreleased songs from my world, my world 2.0, and believe

justin should make an album with all the unreleased songs from my world, my world 2.0, and believe

"sweetie i went to the mall today and bought you something. justin bieber!!1!!"
"they wouldn’t be laughing if they knew i was a A list celebrity on kim kardashian hollywood"

Anonymous said: first. yovanna deserves no hate. but the only reason i think chantel should shade justin is because what he's doing is wrong. now i'm a belieber a huge one but like 3 weeks ago "our love is unconditional" now he's all of a sudden moving on?! now don't get me wrong i've been waiting for justin and selena and jelena to be over for the longest because there's just too much drama in the fandoms and everything. BUT recently i've felt strongly for selena because justin is showing his true colors.

yeah it’s wrong that justin’s probably giving these girls the wrong idea getting them thinking they could be his next girlfriend when they’re really just a side chick. selena is basically doing the same thing yet you feel sorry for her? haha what a laugh. she’s out parting, having good time, flirting with other men. have you seen her instagram posts? she’s all over different guys it’s obvious she doesn’t care what/who justin’s doing and doesn’t want to be compared to his booty calls. but you still feel sorry for her? justin’s living his life selena’s living hers. really drama only starts when someone brings selena into the situation where she doesn’t belong

Anonymous said: he's not the 'perfect' boyfriend he once appeared to be. for all we know he could be using yovanna. what if she's just the "rebound girl" you guys make such a big deal if he takes a picture with one girl but they probably aren't that serious. if they do end up dating then i'll be happy for him. but honestly it pathetic how much time you guys spendhating on these girls justin "associates/fucks" we'll see where yovanna is in 3 years lmao. bye.

and exactly what was the point of this message? “he’s not the perfect boyfriend” where did you get that from? i’m simply talking about how it’s not fair for yovanna to get hate when she didn’t do anything wrong yet people are praising chantel for being a bitch. i didn’t even mention justin. by the looks of it you’re clearly a jelena/selena stan who’s just mad that justin’s not with selena anymore. justin is, get ready for this, SINGLE he can have sex and be with whatever girl he wants. yeah some beliebers send hate to these girls but for the most part it’s you(selenators/jelenators) hating on these girls calling them whores and sluts just because they’re not selena. it’s really funny how you had to go on anon to tell me this. what was even the point of that? haha good day xoxo